A series of podcasts, each using a single word as the starting point for Ralph and Father Josh to discuss and debate current topics and longstanding beliefs. Look for the first four episodes, Launching in August on: SIN, SEX, FAITH & FEAR.



Fr. Joshua J. Whitfield is the Parochial Vicar and Director of Faith Formation and Education at St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas, Texas. A former Anglican minister, he was ordained a Catholic priest through the Pastoral Provision of Pope John Paul II in 2012. He’s married to Alli, and they have four children. He is also the author of Pilgrim Holiness: Martyrdom as Descriptive Witness (Cascade, 2009). He also is a regular contributor to the Dallas Morning News.

Ralph Strangis | THE PRAGMATIST

Ralph Strangis is a 7-time Lone Star Emmy Award Winning sports broadcaster, live events producer, actor, corporate motivational speaker and a regular contributor to the Dallas Morning News. A selfdescribed “Recovering Catholic”, “Humanist” and “Minimalist”, Strangis has been working in the media since his first paying radio job at the age of 16 in 1977. He’s a divorced father of one, and a fan of Voltaire and Vonnegut. He also likes TV. A lot.

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