Photo by Trey Hill

Photo by Trey Hill


Ralph Strangis is a career broadcaster, sports broadcaster, writer, actor, corporate speaker and emcee and lots of other stuff too.  In fact it's really hard to categorize him as this thing or that.   If you ever met him you'd know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't yet well let me tell you he's not everybody's cup of tea that's for sure.  

He's got a bunch of awards and trophies and such.  There's the 7 Lone Star Emmys - I know - it's regional and not the big ones but how many have you got?  And a Dallas Press Club Katy.  And 2 national writing awards for his work as a Dallas Morning News Contributor.  And some other ones but he's old and gets confused sometimes about what they all are so let's just leave it at that.  

These days it's really interesting in Ralph's world.  He's still writing and speaking and producing events and podcasting and so on.  AND he's in the event production and promotion business and he's a talent manager.  And he's got a really good voice and gets everything pretty much in one take.  He lives in a small apartment and drives a jeep that he named Galileo after the first shuttlecraft on the USS Enterprise and the guy who the Catholic Church put in jail for heresy.