These are people who Ralph does business with

If they’re on here they’re the salt of the earth and can be counted on to do the right thing and they do what they do better than most as far as Ralph is concerned.  If you want to be considered for membership in this group let us know.

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is revolutionizing the way radio, video and streaming content are delivered. We are a premier digital radio webcaster, producing and delivering streaming radio content with complimenting original video feature and podcasts. VOKAL is becoming a disruptive force in content integrated advertising, content production and delivery solutions. We are breaking all the rules as we redefine how video and music entertainment are produced, delivered and consumed. 



Local AF represents embracing your culture, your surroundings, your vision and most importantly your unique self.  A new land isn’t rightfully claimed until someone plants their flag on it.  When a flag is raised, the conquerors can then share their customs and way of life in that new place.  The world changers are those who focus on being their best self and then planting their flag across the world.  When you’re Local AF, you are representing your upbringing, your triumphs and tribulations, and your story.