Staying with Strangis, the last days

Sitting in a chicken shop next to the media village. Collapsing is more the word for it. Just finished calling a heck of a men’s gold medal game. The Russians man. The Russians. Almost got clipped by the Germans but in the end skill generally wins and it did here. Nice system here. I dropped my suitcase at the big white tent and the airlines checks it for me and gives me a boarding pass. Then in the morning I get on a bus or in a car but I’m not sure and I just go through security and boom. The Koreans are such nice people. Efficient as hell too. They’re already taking the temporary furniture out of our rooms with huge ladder elevators. They’ll turn this town around quick. As for me - the chicken is tasty and I’m excited to get home. For like 3 days then I go to Annapolis for another outdoor hockey game. Seems like no matter what I do or wanna do Hockey keeps calling. I did a good job. I know I did. Can pick a few knits but nothing big. Gotta know deep down if you executed because ain’t nobody else can tell ya. And I’ll never forget the 2 weeks in PyeongChang. Peace