Staying with Strangis, days 9 10 11 12

What a thing this is and I’ll miss it when it’s over.  I need community and people and not having a place to go everyday can wear on a guy.  Being here has been energizing in a way that I haven’t felt in many years.  I know so many people.  Met so many more.  All focused on doing good work and being good to each other.  Then I get the women’s gold medal game yesterday and let me tell ya it might be my favorite sports game ever I called.  The cup was great and game 4 in Edmonton in 99 and both game 7s with Colorado and brendens goal in 08 against san jose but this was something different and special.  Anthems are complicated things and people on all sides of that these days but hearing it at the end of the game with the women wearing gold medals linked arm and arm at center ice singing and swaying back and forth while the flag goes up was so moving.  Then to go down and talk to Maddie and Monique and Kelly Panneck and Duggan was so much fun.  Colby knows hilary and they hug right next to me and everybody’s so excited.  Tell ya what else – JLAMS shootout goal was as good as I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen the best.  Zubov was the best I ever saw but her move was sick as hell.  Filthy.  Dear god.  It’s slowing down now – I get the logistics email for departure this morning and emails from nhl international about next week and going to Annapolis to do the outdoor game and it’s starting to sink in that my Olympics is almost over.  But me and Colby we’ll go watch mens prelims and call the gold medal mens game which won’t be as good as yesterday because of the American women but still it’s another gold medal game.  Again the Koreans are so awesome I hope to come back and really see the country someday.  NBC has taken good care of us too.  The food’s been good.  The support is wonderful.  What an operation providing for all these people.  Thanks to USA women and WestwoodOne and Colby and everybody else for this once in a lifetime opportunity.