Staying with Strangis, days 6,7,8

The USA women hockey players play for the gold – again.  It’s a 2 horse race only and you feel bad for the other women hockey players but – so it goes.  Fun to be at the game.  Got a picture with Kathryn and JR and Jonsie in the NBC studio at the big rink.  Every big outlet has their own studio and then NBC has this like enclosed suite thing with jellybeans and candy in little cups.  Just takes money is what my friend billy says and NBC is the big dog here.  To have their logo on my credential is like having front row tickets to zeppelin back in the day.  I left that credential in the room this morning and that’s something you do once only.  The Koreans are so nice and I mean so nice.  I had to run back to the media village to get back in after the bus driver let me out and there was this young girl at the help desk and she ran with me and made sure I got back into my room to get it.  You know how in the US and lots of other places this would be a huge deal and the guy would say sorry but that’s our policy and whatever else?  Well not here.  They went hard to help me get it and get to us mens practice on time.  Last night saw finns and swedes in mens play and got interviews.  I got there right before the game and media dining was almost closed but same deal.  In no nhl rink but dallas would they have served me.  Lovely people here.  Everybody’s tired especially Colby.  He fell asleep on the bus this afternoon which is the middle of the night for you. I cleaned the room and did laundry yesterday and that helped to feel a little normal.  It’s not normal here but I’ll be sad when it ends.  I like it here.  I like getting up and getting on the bus and going to the rink and talking to everybody and I mean everybody.  Colby thinks it’s weird but if you know me you know I talk to everybody.