Staying with Strangis

Days 4 and 5, I think...or something

You think oh I’m going to the Olympics and I’ll get to see all these great events and really cool places and mostly all you see is the inside of busses and hockey rinks and the weird hotel/apartment/box thing I’m staying in with wax paper or something all over the place and the elevators smell so weird.  Here’s what the last couple days have been like and it hurts to think about it but let’s try.  I slept 4 hours last night because I stayed up to prep for the women’s game with Canada.  I had to stay up till 3 or something because we finished doing the men’s game with Slovenia at midnight and then I had to prep.  Before that game we had 2 practices and we have to get sound and talk to hockey people.  Now it’s 11:13 pm here in South Korea and I just finished prepping for the Slovaks and team USA men tomorrow at noon.  Then we’ll hang around and get audio from the Russians.  Oh and I got audio from Joel Lundqvist and the swedes after the women’s game.  I think that was still today.  Then Rhapsody who posts these things shoots me an email and says hey are you gonna write anything so I figured I should.  Let me talk for a minute about my new pal Colby.  Colby Cohen is his name and he’s my partner on the air.  Wonderful young guy but he gets cold all the time.  I say then why did you be a hockey player and he says well I’m not one anymore.  He’s a good young broadcaster.  I’d work with him anytime.  A pleasure to be with.  Watch for him.  He also knows every single US Olympic hockey player men and women.  Played with or against most of em.  I got the best analyst for USA hockey in town.  I really do.  Also I really like the volunteers here.  Man the Koreans got the logistics figured out.  Wifi is insanely good everywhere even on busses.  The volunteers all smile and speak English and help you with everything.  That’s one of the best parts.  And so many people here I know.  It’s crazy.  Broadcasters and hockey people and technical people and crew from along the trails over the years.  Ok – now if I don’t go to sleep I’ll pass out and I gotta get a little more sleep tonight so I can call the piss outta that thing tomorrow for ya.