Staying with Strangis, day 3

Slept a little better then went and got a Korean hamburger and fries for lunch.  It was fine.  Then went to work. Everybody says what a nice guy Mike Turico is and they’re right.  Me and Tim Murray who hosts our shows are walking into the ibc and Turico stops and says hey guys.  I think because we all have the same jacket but so do lots of people.   He’s cordial and asks us questions and I tell him look out the mens hockey team might have a little something.  Trying to keep the big guy at least lookin in our direction and like that.  I think maybe they might.  Hard to say.  My old friend Scotty Young who used to play for the Stars is an assistant coach and he runs the powerplay.  There’s optimism here and it’s real.  They’re quiet about it but a guy like me has been around enough and generally feels when he’s gettin a dose of horse manure or not.  Fun to visit with Scotty.  Fun to see Tony Granato too.  Quality people.  Always love seeing Tony because he’s one of those guys who just makes you feel good.  It’s rubbing off on his team I would think.  I talk to Greenway and Leggio and then Borque’s kid who tells me he was at game 7 in 2000 when the old man rang one off the post with 3 seconds left.  Ray will be here to watch.  6 hours at the ibc and I know how to put the audio on the server and I get the book with the promos and reads for the shows.  Gonna rehearse a little tomorrow and see if I got my eyes in right for USA women and OAR.  And I gotta practice setting up the equipment.  It’s one of those deals where you gotta do the whole thing.  Haven’t done it like this really since college way back when but it’s the Olympics so this is no time to not bring my best.