Staying with Strangis, the Olympics series

Day 1 & 2.


It’s almost 10:00 pm local time and I’m riding in a psychedelic bus from Korean BBQ on the coast back to my strange little plastic covered room in one tower in the media complex. I’ve been in South Korea about 24 hours after traveling 24 hours from LA to get here. I don’t know what day it is but then I hardly ever do. For so long it didn’t matter because of my day job and these days I don’t really care. Each day is its own thing. Here’s today. Woke up at 6. Met my on air partner finally. We speak on the phone a lot and now we shake hands at my doorway. He’s in the next wax paper shelter. We find breakfast in the large dining hall below ground. Find a bus. Haul heavy backpacks to the international broadcast center. It’s a maze of concrete corridors and large and small studios and support rooms. They eat good here. There’s Kenny Albert and JR and Mike Milbury and Mary Carrillo and somebody who looks like somebody I should know and lots of languages are spoken and so on. We go to the Westwood One Radio bunker and that’s exactly what it is. A series of large closets in the very back. People are already tired. I learn how to work the tape recorder and how to put it on a site so the interviews can be played on the radio. We’ll see. I’m already forgetting some of it because that was so long ago already. Me and Colby that’s his name my partner. Colby. He lost a tooth eating a jelly bean today. How about that. We head to USA men’s hockey practice and Kathryn and Pierre and Ben and others are there to watch. We’ve all seen lots of practices but this is different for me. It says USA on the fronts of the jerseys and the bright blue arena isn’t like an NHL rink. Smaller in the seats and wider on the ice. Then the mix zone. I talk to Gionta and Teddy’s kid Ryan Donato and Colby my partner knows every guy and they know him. Well. So that’s gonna help us out. Go to the other rink about 20 minutes away and Kathryn sits with me and Colby and we watch team USA women shrug off a crummy start and beat Finland 3-1. Exercise a demon maybe too with an open net goal. Then dinner with the gang. Don’t know JR well but what a delight. Kathryn too. She’s as good as there is in the sports broadcasting business and I mean that across the board. And great fun to be with at the Imperial Ribs. It’s a Korean BBQ place run by sunny and her husband and what a time. Sunny says, "very delicious" ok, all the time. Her husband and I don’t remember his name, has blue checkered pants and flexes his pecs and we all laugh and high five him. Sorry I had to get off the bus. Now I’m in the room with paper on the cupboards. The bed is so hard, team USA Hockey shipped over some pillow covers or something. I like hard beds and I can sleep anyplace. I got 2 bananas and 2 hard boiled eggs in my little refrigerator and I might just have breakfast here tomorrow in the room. Which is today. And you’ve already been up for a while. What a time.